The initial phase of a project at Studio CCLA, LLC is focused on defining purpose for the project and pulling together a clear design story through appropriate design documentation and derived from defining, project goals and scope of work, site and regional analysis, research and interviews, site visits and, public participation. During this phase of work the client and the design team work towards aligning design documentation with client goals.

This is a phase of visioning and production.



The following phase of work at Studio CCLA, LLC is to partner with the client team and to solicit feedback from appropriate stakeholders such as consultants, permitting authorities, client community, public and/or other designated entities who are impacted by or hired to provide services for the proposed project. During this phase of project work Studio CCLA, LLC and the client may decide to circle back to the design phase of work prior to moving into the final phase of work. Clarity in communication through design presentation and documentation are essential to success during this phase of work.

This is a phase of sharing information, coordination with consultants and stakeholder consensus.



After client and stakeholder approval of all pertinent design plans the project work enters the construction phase of work. Whether a project that travels through traditional design phases such as concept design, schematic design, design development and construction documentation or a project that takes a design build approach, the construct phase of work is intended to execute design detailing and installation. This phase creates a story through drawings for the contractor to install the project.

This is a phase of technical detailing and project construction.