Carolyn Campbell | Landscape Architect

Studio CCLA is a full-service landscape architecture firm based in Philadelphia, PA. We provide design, project management, and construction documentation & administration services. Principal Carolyn Campbell is a registered landscape architect who has worked on projects of all types throughout the United States and abroad. Her passion is working on complex projects that improve the well being of people while enhancing the ecological value of the site.



How We Work


We strive to make choices that enhance outdoor spaces for all its visitors. We like to understand more about the site and its context than may be evident on the surface. We start with research about the ecological and cultural history of the place, conduct an inventory and analysis of its existing features, and allow these findings to inform the design. We bring the joy of being outdoors to every project and want visitors to feel aware of the beauty inspired by our world.



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I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.

- Louis Barragan


We are generalists by choice. Being a generalist requires a broad set of skills and the need to address multiple roles. Our team brings the right consultants to the table and we thoughtfully coordinate expertise to deliver a common sense approach to each project. This is a suitable role for a landscape architect, who at any given time is aware of the expertise needed to complete successful projects.

Relationship is a key word for our practice. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients. The biggest factors in building relationships are being consistent, responsive, and thoughtful while completing projects that are well executed, on time and on budget.